Daniel T. Driggs

driggs-morning-on-the-farmWhether painting landscape, still life, portrait, or a combination of abstract and traditional painting I would classify
my work as illustrative.  I do not see artists as being truly creative.  God is the only true creator.  To create is to make something out of nothing.  Only God has that ability.  The artist moves or manipulates material (paint, clay, metal, etc.) to form an object that moves the emotions of the viewer.

People and nature have been my fascination in painting. One of my favorite subjects has been based on historical re-enactors where I am able to explore the mindset and lifestyles of people who are living history. I also love the landscapes, wildlife and barns of Indiana.  The French tradition of “Plein Aire” style painting is reflected in many of my driggs-white-egretoil paintings.   In addition, I have been exploring a series I call “Out of Chaos.”  The “Out of Chaos” paintings are designed to help the viewer see the intricate beauty of animals, figures, or history found within the chaos of our world. Each painting calls us to slow down, focus and enjoy the beauty of creation.  These paintings combine abstract or irregular patterns with traditional subjects.

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