Erin Salewicz

erin-salewicz_2Erin Lawrance Salewicz is a lifelong Hoosier Artist, born in Bloomington, raised in Indianapolis. She lives in Zionsville, and has an art studio and teaches classes at the Sugar Creek Art Center, in Thorntown. She studied studio arts, visual communications, and Art Education at Herron School of Art, and at Ball State University, including a semester spent abroad in London.

Erin has exhibited in regional, solo and group shows, including the Indiana State Fair, Rachles Fine Art, Fehsenfeld Fine Art, Banks, Cafes , Midland Arts & Antiques, Sullivan-Munce Art Center, Healing Arts Indy, and Raymond J. Stutz Art Gallery. Her work is permanently on display at Cheveux Hair Salon, & As the Crowe Flies Salon, Zionsville, and at the Sugar Creek Art Center in Thorntown.

Erin was 1 of 20 artists chosen to participate in “Go Ahead & Perin-salewicz_1lay!” project with the Central Indiana Women’s Fund. Donated pianos were transformed by artists (who donated their time and talent) and then were placed all around Indianapolis for the public to play and interact with. Erin’s piano was then given to Coburn Place Safe Haven, a Women’s Fund Grantee.

erin-salewicz_3“I paint what excites me. I like to use unconventional materials in my art such as feathers, fortune cookie fortunes, fabric, ticket stubs, carbon fiber, reusing and giving new life to items and including unexpected surprises as well. Part of the purpose of my art is to evoke a particular feeling of a moment with my use of color choices, patterning, weight of the lines, and textures. By repeating recognizable graphic symbols, I want the viewer to see an evolving connection between the paintings.

Currently I have been creating more recognizable subjects, musicians, dj dance parties, farm scenery, and landscapes. Additionally there are groupings of works with a specific visual element.

Everything inspires me, and I constantly come up with new ideas, sometimes too many! The best ones will always end up rising to the surface.”

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