Scott Kinzie

Kinzie Bleeding HeartI am a nature and wildlife photographer from central Indiana and I enjoy exhibiting the many nature scenes that the Midwest has to offer. While most of my images are from Indiana and surrounding states, I love to travel and explore other photographic opportunities as well. I am a member of The Photo Venture Camera Club in Indianapolis.  I am also a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).    I live near Indianapolis with my wife, Melody.  If I’m not out taking photographs, I’m either on the computer working on my photography or enjoying a good book.  You can see my photography here at Sugar Creek Art Center in Thorntown, Art IN Hand Gallery in Zionsville, or at many of the art fairs I attend throughout the summer.

 As a nature and wildlife photographer, I realize that my work is also considered fine art photography.  I utilize the tools that all artists consider when producing artwork:  composition, lines, shapes, colors, and texture.  Once I have these elements in place, there is one more aspect of my photography that is almost as important – the background.  IKinzie Ravenel Bridge want the subject of my work to stand out.  The most pleasing approach is making sure the background is not distracting.  Light and dark, and opposite colors are often juxtaposed to draw the eye to my subject.  Often all it takes is a blur of the background, especially when photographing flowers.  My hope that to all who view my photography, it is both interesting and pleasing.

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