Carol Fisher & Arlyne Springer

We are proud to feature Carol Fisher & Arlyne Springer in our Main Galleries for the month of April. Both artists are Hoosier Art Salon artists which is the highest honor an Indiana artist can claim.  Their work will be on display from April 5 through April 25, 2014 at the Art Center.  There will be a special reception and recognition of their work on Friday April 11, 2014 in the Main Upstairs Gallery from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.  Please make it a point to visit us and view this exciting new exhibit.  Music and food will also be provided the evening of the opening reception.

Carol Fisher, is a Boone County resident who lives in rural western Boone County on a farm with her husband Dan.  She is a graduate of Herron School of Art and is the mother of four grown children.  She is a grandmother and loves her children and her animals.  Carol has been a resident artist at Sugar Creek Art Center but now has her studio at her home south of Thorntown. Carol is able to capture the simple pleasures in life (ie. Farm serenity, animals grazing, and front porches awaiting someone to sit and rest a spell.) Her wood block prints are and unusual way to express her uniqueness into the world of art. These works are one of a kind and beautiful to any human eye.  She is a very talented individual and it is reflected in her artistic abilities.

Arlyne Springer, is from the Indianapolis area and her family heritage goes back to over 150 years in Indiana.  She is very proud of this legacy and her family ties.  The narrative, history images that she creates are inspired from old family photos, mementos and stories. She is able to blend these keepsakes into images to honor and reveal the past as well as comment on present times.  Her prints are hand designed and hand printed.  Although the keepsakes that she uses in her art have a history of their own she re-presents and transforms them into a new type of narrative.  She loves to involve the viewer of her works into the experience of the piece.  She says, “It is my role as an artist to enter into a visual dialogue with those who see my work; to involve the viewer into the experience.”  She says,  “My work becomes a way for the viewer to interact not only with my personal history, but also with his own.”

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