Maria Muhlenkamp & Joseph Tumasian

Artwork by Maria Muhlenkamp

Artwork by Maria Muhlenkamp

For February and March, 2014, we are proud to present two talented artists from the Indianapolis area: Maria Muhlenkamp and Joseph Tumasian!

Maria is a self-taught abstract artist who just loves paiting. She started when she was a youngster back in her 4-H days. She attended Ball State University and that is the place this Indiana farm girl developed her interest in the field of modern art. Her art style is oversized abstract, colorful and happy. She often incorporates words and mixed media within her paintings. She has been painting and displaying her artwork for 14 years. Maria is a Human Resource professional during the day and an adventurer by painting beautiful creations at night. Maria is a fun artist who enjoys bringing color and happiness to others who see her work.

Displaying along with Maria is artist, Joseph Tumasian. Joseph is an original hipster and genius in all things, especially art. He is new to the abstract art scene but he is able to capture a well thought out combination of color and emotion in his work. It will be a fun experience to see this new young artist on display and enjoy what he has to offer to our community through his art.

Culture at the Creek, celebrating these two wonderful artists, will be from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm on Friday, February 14th. They will be featured in our Main Gallery from February 6th through March 28th.

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